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How to Decrease Your Energy Bill While Beating the Brisbane Heat

Spread the word …FacebookTwitterGoogleEmailLinkedinStumbleuponTumblrPinterestWhen looking to buy a home people will often not be looking at its energy efficiency.  However, living in sub-tropical Queensland means that in the hotter months mercury isn’t the only thing rising, your electricity bill is also getting a little hot and bothered. Spread the word …FacebookTwitterGoogleEmailLinkedinStumbleuponTumblrPinterest

Our top 5 ways to bооѕt your homes ѕаlеѕ price

Spread the word …FacebookTwitterGoogleEmailLinkedinStumbleuponTumblrPinterestFоr mоѕt реорlе thеіr hоmе іѕ thеіr largest іnvеѕtmеnt. It is most lіkеlу gоіng tо bring thе greatest return on investment аnd іt іѕ реrhарѕ thе оnlу investment thаt аllоwѕ уоu to еnjоу іt whіlе іt increases іn vаluе. Therefore, Brisbane homeowners ѕhоuld put a lоt of thоught and соnѕіdеrаtіоn іntо the…Read More→

Selling a House by Smell – Selling Hints & Tips

Spread the word …FacebookTwitterGoogleEmailLinkedinStumbleuponTumblrPinterest  We’ve all been there – you’re looking for a house to rent or buy and it’s time to do the rounds of open homes. One of the first things to assault your senses upon entering a house for the first time is the smell. All houses have their own energy, feel…Read More→

Brisbane’s homeless find Common Ground

Spread the word …FacebookTwitterGoogleEmailLinkedinStumbleuponTumblrPinterest This is a really interesting story about how our wonderful city is dealing with a big problem. Last week I met two formerly homeless women, Leona and Kellie. I was surprised that they were very much like me, ordinary Australians who, through an unfortunate set of life circumstances, had found themselves…Read More→

Banks want your Business Now!

Spread the word …FacebookTwitterGoogleEmailLinkedinStumbleuponTumblrPinterestThe Banks are falling over themselves trying to give you money Historically low interest rates and a renewed confidence in the property sector are driving growing competition among banks, which are clambering for bigger shares of the homebuyer market. Spread the word …FacebookTwitterGoogleEmailLinkedinStumbleuponTumblrPinterest

Brisbane Property Prices move up again

Spread the word …FacebookTwitterGoogleEmailLinkedinStumbleuponTumblrPinterestMedian house values in Brisbane rise as Queensland property market starts to climb back. Queensland’s property is tipped to start firing again in time for the spring selling season. According to the latest Real Estate Institute of Queensland quarterly house value data, the market has already started its slow and steady climb…Read More→

Real Estate Negotiation Tips for Selling Your Home

Spread the word …FacebookTwitterGoogleEmailLinkedinStumbleuponTumblrPinterestJust like in any profession, not all Brisbane real estate agents are the same. When you’re talking in terms of real estate negotiation some agents struggle and others shine. You’ll generally find agents who’ve undertaken tertiary education and received some form of legal and negotiation training, like those at Impact Property, really…Read More→

The 23 Questions that you must ask a Property Manager

Spread the word …FacebookTwitterGoogleEmailLinkedinStumbleuponTumblrPinterestA Word of Warning about Residential Property Investment    The consequences of aligning yourself with a lesser Property Manager could cost you thousands of dollars.  Plenty of stress and anxious moments.  Spread the word …FacebookTwitterGoogleEmailLinkedinStumbleuponTumblrPinterest

How to Market Your Brisbane Property for a Premium Price

Spread the word …FacebookTwitterGoogleEmailLinkedinStumbleuponTumblrPinterestAt any one time, there will be a number of properties across a multiple Brisbane suburbs that buyers could choose from, as an alternative to your property. To achieve a premium price for your property we want to be able to capture the attention of these buyers.  This is where your marketing…Read More→