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How to Market Your Brisbane Property for a Premium Price

At any one time, there will be a number of properties across a multiple Brisbane suburbs that buyers could choose from, as an alternative to your property. To achieve a premium price for your property we want to be able to capture the attention of these buyers.  This is where your marketing campaign is crucial.  The effectiveness of your marketing campaign will be the difference between potential buyers noticing your property and potential buyers missing your property. Below we’ll outline our tips for marketing your Brisbane property to achieve the best possible price.

Generate an Emotional Connection

You want the buyers to emotionally connect with your property.  They do this by imagining what they would feel like if they lived here.

This is where choosing the right real estate agent is important because they are there at the touchpoint when a potential buyer is walking through your home. A skilled real estate agent can make an emotive pitch and describe what it would be like to own this home.


Follow What is Proven to Work

We know some things work better than others.  For example, our experience shows properties marketed with a floor plan have a 74 per cent chance of selling within the first 30 days. We also know Professional photography and written description is highly desirable to ensure your property is presented in its best light.

Almost all buyers start their search for a property online.  So having a powerful exposure on the internet is essential.

The quality of your marketing campaign will position your property as being superior to other competitive properties in the market place.


Track Buyer Interest

It is important to track the level, source and quality of buyer interest for your property.

As demonstrated in the figure below a premium price is generally achieved within the first four-weeks of a property being listed.

The chance of achieving a premium price reduces as buyer levels decline.

Real Estate greenslopes Marketing plans

You need to receive a weekly report outlining buyer’s interest levels to help facilitate decisions on future spending for advertisements and whether to focus on specific target areas. This will highlight whether tactics such as targeting local residents by letterbox drops are more suitable for example than targeting investors via Courier Mail advertisements.


Make Sure Your Marketing Strategies Are Tailored to Your Property

Every Brisbane property is different and as such at Impact Property we have a number of marketing options available. We discuss these with our clients and tailor a package to suit your needs. A tailored package is important to derive the highest value and return for your property.



Now, Presentation is Key

Once you’ve followed the aforementioned steps and you have potential purchasers along with the correct pricing and marketing strategies, you want people to love what they see.

So far the buyer has been operating on a logical basis, ie. The price is right, it’s in a good street etcetera.  Now you want them to become emotionally engaged with the property.

Getting your property presentation right doesn’t just mean having a clean house, it also means how the colour, feel and flow, lighting sounds and scent of the house.  These all translate to how the buyer feels when they first see the house and the energy they feel wandering through the property.

In certain circumstances we recommend the services of a stylist to provide advice on what will best appeal to the senses of prospective purchasers.  On other occasions all that’s required are some small tweaks to make your home look great.


Why it’s Worth the Effort

You go through a lot of effort to put your property on the market and schedule open homes. These are the step where the sale of your property commences, so the more desirable the property the greater the price that can be achieved.

The payoff here can be enormous and you will see the benefits of your efforts when you get offered a premium price for your home.

If you would like to discuss marketing your Brisbane based home to achieve premium prices don’t hesitate to contact us at Impact Property for further information. We can be reached by email at: or give us a call on: 07 3324 1800.

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