Renting Tips

Impact Property Real Estate has an obligation to both it’s landlords and tenants who enter into a rental agreement through the agency.  Both parties should ultimately benefit from the agreement, and Impact Property Real Estate has in place guidelines to ensure this.

Outlined below is information for tenants


Tips For Landlords


  • Take an inventory of all fixtures and fittings in the property.  This si to be added to the Entry Condition Report (ECR).

Tips For Tenants


  • Insure your contents – furniture, clothes, sports gear and jewellery etc.,
  • Return your Entry Condition Report (ECR) to us
  • Pay the rent to ensure its in advance

Always give the required notice to leave in writing to the agent and check by telephone / email that we got it.

Deposited Monies

You will be required to pay a deposit of a week’s rent to secure the property.


Property Condition Reports

When move into the property, the real estate agent is required to complete an ECR, which documents the condition of the property when you take possession.  It is important that you take the time to accurately complete this report to minimise disputes with the agent at the end of the tenancy, taking photos is a good idea to minimise disputes.


Owner’s insurance does not cover the tenant’s possessions, therefore it is the tenant’s responsibility to insure their belongings and furniture.



House inspections occur every 3 month’s to ensure the compliance of the lease and upholding of tenant responsibilities.  A minimum notice of one week (7 days) is granted to the tenant to prepare for the inspection.


Areas in high demand can be competitive for tenants. Therefore it is important to impress a prospective real estate agent and be well presented and prepared. You should try to obtain references from your previous real estate agent(s) and employer prior to inspecting properties, this will give you a competitive edge over other tenants and prove to the agent that you can afford the rent and properly maintain the property. Such items to obtain may be; a printout of your tenant ledger, copies of routine inspection reports, pay slips and the important 100 points ID that is required.

It is always prudent to ensure that you complete the Application Form and return it ASAP and be prepared to pay a week’s rent as a deposit to hold the property.

Paying Rent on Time

In the tenancy agreement it is a condition that rent must be paid on time and in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the agreement.  Paying your rent on time is your responsibility.  Not paying rent on time could cost you a potential reference from an agent.

Routine Inspections

Regular inspections by the real estate agent are generally a legal requirement as outlined in the tenancy agreement, they ensure that the property is being cared for properly and no damage has occurred.


It is your responsibility to look after the property which should be maintained in good repair. If any problems arise it is important to report problems or concerns as soon as you are aware of them.

Rent Increases

Rental increases are a common occurrence when renting a property especially in areas of high demand. If a rental increase occurs the real estate agent must do so in accordance with any legislative requirements and issue tenants with the appropriate notice in writing.

Giving Notice

Terminating a tenancy must be done in accordance with the tenancy agreement and legislative requirements. You should discuss the notice requirements with the real estate agent when giving notice. Always submit your notice in writing.


You must seek the written permission (consent) of the Landlord before you can sub-let the premises.



Open and honest communication is the best way to maintain a happy and professional ongoing relationship with your real estate agent. Always keep the lines of communication open with your agent to ensure a positive relationship.



Rental Payments are required to be at least 2 weeks in advance by way of cheque or electronic bank transfer methods only.

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