Essential questions to ask your brisbane property manager

The 23 Questions that you must ask a Property Manager

A Word of Warning about Residential Property Investment


 The consequences of aligning yourself with a lesser Property Manager could cost you thousands of dollars.  Plenty of stress and anxious moments. 

So at Impact Property we have produced the Report “23  Questions that you must ask a Property Manager” that you should use before choosing your next Property Manager.

The 23 questions that you should ask are:-

  1. Is the owner of the Property Management company involved in the day to day operations of the business? 
  2. Is the principal of the property management company available to clients?
  3. Do you have a strict tenant selection and screening process?  
  4. How can I feel confident the Tenant is looking after my investment?
  5. Does your company have a communication policy or standard service level agreement?
  6. Do you have a complaints policy?
  7. Are you fully insured?
  8. how often do you disperse rent?
  9. Do you attend all property inspections or do you simply hand out keys?
  10. Do you have a “people Development Plan” to ensure the team has the most up to date industry knowledge?
  11. What is your policy for dealing with tenants who are late with rent?
  12. Whperforms the routine inspections?
  13. Do you provide photos with your inspection reports?
  14. Can you pay expenses on our behalf?
  15. Are the tradespeople you recommend and use licensed and insured?
  16. Can you manage the maintenance for my property?
  17. What do you do so that I can maximise the rent?
  18. Can you introduce me to a finance broker who specialises in investment property?
  19. Can you introduce me to “pro-property” tax accountants?
  20. If I want to renovate my property, can you introduce me to experts in this field?
  21. Can you introduce me to “pro-property” solicitors?
  22. Can you introduce me to a company that specialises in a preventative maintenance program?
  23. What are your fees?

Get the book here to learn more about each of these questions, and the answers that you should expect.

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  1. Kourtney Jensen
    Kourtney Jensen says:

    I like the question you suggested asking, whether the managing company does a strict screening process for potential tenants. My husband and I are looking for a property manager for our rental home. We want to make sure we have good tenants, and a screening would help with that.


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